afternoon & evening


hijiki salad 12

seaweed, tofu, carrots, soybeans, avocado, mushroom, fish cake


goat cheese arugula salad 12

arugula, goat cheese, dried persimmon, pomegranate and vinaigrette dressing


chicken bun 13

chicken karaage, pickled radish, greens, spicy mayo

(comes with renkon chips or green salad)


nene lunch plate 13 / nene vegetarian lunch plate 12

comes with five pieces of nene, rice ball, japanese pickles and salad

( only available for 11:30am - 2pm weekday)


champignon pasta 13

enoki, shimeji, clamshell mushrooms, parmesan, garlic, butter, dried seaweed


nene original, potsticker 9

pork, sprout, green onions, napa cabbage, ginger, garlic

(vegetarian 8 & seafood 9)


lettuce wrap 13

miso flavored ground beef with seasonal vegetables, tofu and a boiled egg


maguro bowl 13

fresh tuna, avocado, green onion served over rice


tofu bowl 10.5

lightly deep-fried tofu with green onion served over rice


natto gohan 8

natto fermented soybeans, green onion, shiso leaf, sesame seeds,

dried seaweed served over rice


kale gomaae 8

boiled kale marinated with homemade sesame dressing


p-man itame 13

sautéed ground pork, garlic, bell pepper, garlic chives


beef curry 13.5

japanese style curry with potato, carrots, onions, mushroom and ground beef

served over rice or udon

( vegetarian 12.5)


edamame 5


chicken karaage 8


yaki onigiri 4

soy sauce flavored grilled rice ball served with pickles





morning set 12

japanese toast w/ red bean jam and

butter green salad, sunny-side-up egg,

butter sauteéd potatoes

(add crispy bacon +3)


fruit salad 8

local seasonal fresh fruit


french toast with fresh fruit 12


cream stew 10

cream based vegetable soup, served with bread




affogato 8


panna cotta 8


matcha cheese cake 9




homemade ginger-ale 4.5


original coca-cola 3


iced tea 3

(oolong tea, roasted barley tea - caffeine free)


fresh squeezed orange juice 5


latte 4


cappuccino 4


espresso 3


hot tea 3

(green, hoji cha, fresh mint)


chai 4.5


matcha au lait 5


frozen beer 7


sapporo draft beer 7


import kawaba beer 9

(wheat and amber)


kakeya premium junmai sake 9


soju 8

(lychee, oolong)


red wine 8/30


white wine 8/30


champagne 8/30


mimosa 9